Bing Ads Introduces Merchant Promotions for Search Ads

Bing has announced Merchant Promotions are now available to all US advertisers. Merchant Promotions were originally being tested as an extension for Bing Shopping Campaigns as a pilot project, before being released across the US.

Merchant Promotions are appended to Product Ads as special offers which searchers can click on to receive more information about the offer. The expanded offer then includes a link to the product itself.

Creating Offers

Offers can be created for specific products, specific groups of products, or across the entire store. They can also be scheduled to run at specific times, such as a season promotion or a weekend promotion.The offer itself can be something as simple as free shipping, or more complex like buy one get one for 50% off.

Bing says Merchant Promotions can help increase traffic volume, attract more-informed customers, and improve market share.

”Even before searchers click the special offer link, Merchant Promotions can help draw customers because the extensions are eye-catching and describe promotions or sales, which have historically attracted buyers to stores.”

Setting up Merchant Promotions

  • You can create a promotion in three easy steps:
  • Click the Promotions tab (will be visible once you’re approved for the program).
  • Click Create promotion and enter the details of the promotion.
  • Click Save and you’re done!

Those interested in using the new feature are asked to fill out an interest form, and the company will get back to you.