Bing Ads Editor Now Available for Mac Users

Bing is honoring what is said to be its most requested Bing Ads feature with the release of Bing Ads Editor for Mac. The software is now out of open beta testing, which it has been in since summer 2016, and is ready for prime time.

With Bing Ads Editor for Mac, users can expect to see many of the same feature they may have grown to be familiar with during beta testing. This includes features such as multi-account management, copying and pasting across accounts, and a user-friendly interface.

”Bing Ads already provides solutions to manage your accounts from various channels: Bing Ads online, the Bing Ads API, Bing Ads Editor for Windows, and the Bing Ads app for iOS and Android. With the release of Bing Ads Editor for Mac you can manage your accounts wherever you are, whenever you want.”

The desktop application allows users to bulk manage accounts offline, from the campaign level down to the ad group level, and publish them whenever they wish.

The full version of Bing Ads editor for Mac is said to be much faster than the beta version. Users should notice a “significant improvement” in speed.

Those who wish to use the Mac version of Bing Ads editor are recommended to be running at least Mac OSX Version 10.11 or later. Though it’s only a 32.6 MB download, it’s recommended that users have 10 GB of free hard drive space for optimal performance.

Bing thanks its beta testers and continue to welcome feedback on its newly released product. If you have any comments, suggestions, or criticism regarding Bing Ads Editor for Mac, hit the company up via its official Twitter account.