Bing Ads Editor Allows Migration from Standard Text Ads to Expanded Text Ads

Bing Ads Editor is making it easier to migrate from standard text ads to Expanded Text Ads with the release of version 11.9. In addition, the latest version of Big Ads Editor now has support for Enhanced Cost Per Click (CPC).

Migrating from Standard Text Ads to Expanded Text Ads

Bing Ads Editor now has the ability to export existing standard text ads into Expanded Text Ads format.

In order to do this, select the standard text ads you wish to export, click on the Export As drop-down menu, and then select Export as Expanded Text Ads.

Bing reminds not to keep the following in mind through the process:

  1. Do not forget to add Title Part 2 in the exported file, which is a mandatory field for Expanded Text Ads.
  2. Path 1 and Path 2 are optional.
  3. Ad text can have up to 80 characters.

Enhanced CPC

With the latest update to Bing Ads Editor, there is now support for Enhanced CPC, a new ad format which was originally released last August.

Enhanced CPC differs from regular CPC ads with the ability to adjust bids in real-time. Enhanced CPC can adjust bids up to 30% higher for searchers that are the most likely to convert, and up to 100% lower for searchers which are the least likely to convert.

Within Bing Ads Editor, Enhanced CPC can be enabled for a campaign by selecting Enhanced CPC as the option for Bid strategy type.