25 Top Paid Media Experts You Should Follow

Anyone who manages paid media is all too familiar with how fast things change.

Ad formats, what’s working, what’s not, new features, and the emerging players keep life as a paid media practitioner interesting!

One of the things to cut down the learning curve is listening to experts who aren’t shy about sharing their experiences.

Whether it’s a case study, a how-to of a new feature, or sharing platform bugs they’re running into, following them levels up your knowledge a lot faster.

They are also interested in engaging with the community at large to learn in return.

Things like where people are getting stuck and where they’re struggling to see results help them sharpen their own critical thinking skills in return.

Some of these experts have conversations on Twitter, some speak and teach at conferences, and many can be found blogging or creating video tutorials.

One thing is for sure; they’re valuable fountains of knowledge that you should get to know.

These valuable industry people are listed in no particular order, and a randomizer was used to create the order in which you see them.

Frederick Vallaeys

As the former product specialist and evangelist for Google PPC, Frederick is a fountain of knowledge on managing, scaling, and all-technical-things.

He went on to create Optymyzr, a software platform to help PPC managers save time on management and implementation.

He speaks and writes consistently on paid search, and recently launched the PPC Town Hall show, a weekly panel of experts who discuss varying topics.

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Robert Brady

A fixture on the PPC circuit for years, Robert generously shares his knowledge in Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

You can catch him writing for multiple blogs, and he’s a fixture at many conferences on the subject of paid search.

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Melissa Mackey

Jokingly referring to herself as “PPC Moses,” Melissa has been around PPC since its inception.

She is generous with her knowledge on Twitter and has an amazing repository of context for how PPC has evolved over the years.

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Andrew Foxwell

Formerly of 3Q Digital, Andrew is a powerhouse of Facebook Ads knowledge.

He partners regularly with Jon Loomer, runs closed Facebook Groups for ad buyers, champions buyer needs directly to Facebook, and also produces a weekly newsletter.

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Aaron Levy

From practitioner to strategist, Aaron has been around for years, writing and speaking on the topic of paid search.

Currently a Group Director at Tinuiti, he regularly posts thoughtful pieces on where the industry is headed, and how media buyers should adapt or think about evolving.

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Purna Virji

Purna is a sought-after keynote speaker and works daily as the Senior Manager for Global Engagement at Microsoft.

She was named Search Personality of the Year for 2019-2020, and the #1 Most Influential PPCer by PPCHero in 2016.

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James Svoboda

As a regular contributor to multiple online outlets and conferences, James is a trusted voice in the PPC industry.

He is the co-founder of MNSearch, and the co-owner of WebRanking, a search firm in Minnesota. His perspective from 16 years in the industry, combined with his knowledge of organic search, created well-rounded advice.

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Isaac Rudansky

Best known for his massive training following, Isaac is also the CEO of AdVenture.

He works with clients like Forbes, Hanes, AMC, and many others, and packages his years of experience into sought-after training taken by over 132,000 students in 185 countries.

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AJ Wilcox

AJ is the founder of B2Linked, a Linked In-exclusive consultancy.

AJ is frequently known as “the” guy to go to for anything related to LinkedIn Ads, and for good reason: he has been speaking for years, writes frequently, creates training, and is trusted by LinkedIn themselves.

He recently launched a podcast, specifically on LinkedIn ads.

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Christi Olson

Christi Olson: Operating as the Head of Evangelism for Microsoft, Christi is frequently on stage as a keynote speaker and panelist, and a frequent writer for industry publications.

She is also a frequent awards judge at industry events across the globe such as AdWeek, CES, and the American Marketing Association.

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Joe Martinez

As Director of Client Strategy for Clix Marketing, Joe’s knowledge of YouTube ads, and alternative platforms such as Quora ads are a mainstay at conferences.

He writes frequently on smart targeting and marketing tactics for lesser-covered platforms, exposing powerful tactics. He co-creates the Paid Media Pros channel on YouTube with Michelle Morgan.

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Amy Bishop

A PPC dynamo, Amy is highly knowledgeable in PPC for companies of all sizes. Her experience covers both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies across many verticals.

She is a frequent speaker on the conference circuit, a consistent writer, and publishes a weekly news roundup via her company, Cultivative.

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Brad Geddes

Brad is a mainstay in paid search knowledge and was one of the earliest teachers of it at conferences.

He is a co-orchestrator for the SMX conference series, and one of the few Google-approved paid search teachers out there.

He runs his own training, management, and consultancy, and created the Adalysis platform to help streamline PPC management.

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Kirk Williams

As the founder of ZATO Marketing, Kirk has established himself as a highly respected Google Shopping expert.

He writes all over the web for various publications, dispensing tips, knowledge, and marketing advice for ecommerce retailers looking to up their Shopping game.

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Steve Hammer

Steve leads his own consultancy, RankHammer, operating at the intersection of marketing, programming, SEO, and PPC.

He is a recurring writer for industry sites and a speaker and trainer for many conferences, infusing his advice with practical marketing advice on winning in search.

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David Herrmann

A fixture in the direct-to-consumer Facebook Ads and Snapchat Ads space, David brings a lot of knowledge backed by studying platform performance across large spends.

As president of his own consultancy, he has deep, hands-on experience in what’s working at any given time in strategy and creative, but also takes the time to share his findings on Twitter and train up-and-coming buyers.

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Simon Poulton

Simon brings high-level instruction and analysis in his role as VP of Digital Intelligence at WPromote.

He explains sometimes-confusing topics with clarity and humor, including explanations around the implications for things like CCPA and Chrome ending third-party cookies.

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Molly Pittman

Molly has ascended to CEO of SmartMarketer after becoming lauded for her knowledge and teaching skills at DigitalMarketer.

She rose to VP level within four years, and eventually struck out on her own, creating highly-regarded courses on Facebook Advertising.

She recently published a book and co-hosts the Perpetual Traffic podcast.

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Adam Proehl

Adam’s tenure in the search industry began in 2001, but his experience in several other marketing methods (including email and affiliate marketing) makes him a well-rounded and highly respected addition to SEO and PPC.

He founded NordicClick Interactive in 2007 and speaks several times a year at conferences.

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Jonathan Kagan

Jonathan is currently the VP of Search for 9RoofTops | Cogniscient Media, with a background in large-scale search accounts for clients at firms like Digitas and Mediacom.

In 2013, he received the Google Search Excellence Award and frequently shared knowledge on Twitter, , MediaPost, and many others.

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Julie Bacchini

The current runner of PPCChat, Julie, is well-known as a community voice for paid search practitioners and one who unites them to help one another.

She blogs regularly on thoughts and tips for PPC practitioners at her company website, Neptune Moon.

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Michelle Morgan

Recently chosen as PPCHero’s #1 Most Influential, Michelle has been a consistent fixture in dispensing knowledge on paid search and paid social.

She serves as the Director of Client Services at Clix Marketing and also produces training with Joe Martinez on the Paid Media Pros channel via YouTube.

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Akvile DeFazio

Recently snagging Best Small Agency for her firm AKvertise, Akvile has used her years of paid social experience to build a stellar reputation for her knowledge and client care.

She has consulted for brands such as Postmates and FTD and freely shares strategies and tips for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others.

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Duane Brown

Founder of the Canadian-based agency Take Some Risk, Duane can be found on conference stages the world over, instructing people on effective advertising in the digital realm.

His knowledge from years of working with brands such as Unbounce, ASOS, and Grant Thorton is enthusiastically packaged into helpful how-to’s that can level up any advertiser’s strategy.

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Arianne Donoghue

Years of experience in paid strategy have culminated in Donoghue’s founding of tempest, her UK-based consultancy.

For years, she has written prolifically, spoken on stages worldwide, and snagged the UK Search Personality of the Year award last year – for good reason!

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Featured Image Credit: Paulo Bobita