This Month in #ContentMarketing: February 2016

Last month, we rounded up content marketing posts that encourage you to take what you’ve learned last year into action.

In this February round up, we’ll be sharing with you informative posts that will teach you how to super charge your content marketing campaign. You’ll learn the secret creating successful B2B campaigns, as well as how to make a persuasive piece.

Continue reading if you want to keep your content marketing mojo up.

Want to know how Nasdaq was able to create marketing strategy that brought in amazing results? In his post on Top Rank Blog, Knute outline how Nasdaq incorporated content marketing in their brand overhaul.

The secret sauce was revealed by Nasdaq CMO Jeremy Skule during his keynote at Content2Conversion last February 15-17. He shared how to pivot your brand by putting three content marketing pillars in place. These pillars are vision, voice, and visibility. It was also mentioned that getting employees on board and igniting their great minds to produce outstanding content is crucial for success.

Read this if: You’re thinking of doing a brand overhaul, and you want to start by producing excellent content.

A lot of content marketing examples you see on the Internet are B2C. But content challenges for B2C companies are different when you deal with B2B content. In his Whiteboard Friday video, Rand Fishkin shares tips for successful B2B content marketing.

This includes creating an overlapping persona analysis, as well as knowing which part of the funnel is working fine and which part isn’t. Once you’ve identified which part needs help, it’s to create content that directly address it. Do not assume that whatever you produce will work in every stage of the funnel.

Read this if: You’re having a hard time putting up a content plan that would work for a B2B company.

Have you ever encountered a brand that went “meh!” after receiving a disapproving feedback from one of its customers? If you’re doing the same, you might be missing a good content marketing opportunity here.

In his post on Copyblogger, Jay Baer stated:

Haters are not the problem… ignoring them is.

The complaints you get can be a free market research about what you can improve in your business. Plus, it gives you an insight on how to use content marketing to prevent future complaints. Jay encourages you to find the “patterns of misunderstanding,” as this could give you a chock full of content marketing topics.

Read this if: You need to both fill up a content idea bank and monitor all sorts of feedback from your audience.

If you’re curious about what makes human tick, the answer lies in Psychology. In his post on GetResponse, Tim Brown talks about how psychology can boost a brand’s content marketing.

He shares how using the right verbiage can help create a sense of urgency in your marketing campaign. Plus, there’s an explanation why people go gaga over Black Friday sale.

Tim also said that it’s not just color psychology that makes people click a CTA. It’s also in the contrast of colors. Think McDonald’s red background and yellow arches.

Read this if: You think Psychology is zany and that it can help you a lot with content marketing.

If you want to have long-term success, you’ll need to create a strategy that has little more staying power. In his post on Inc., Jayson DeMers shares why content marketing fits the bill.

According to him, content can complement any other online marketing strategy. This includes SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and many more. It also helps in building your reputation, which makes your brand trustworthy.

He also talked about content being always relevant, and it’s all about “compounding returns.” Plus, every piece you produce will be part of a permanent real estate on the Web.

Read this if: You’re looking for a marketing strategy that is in for the long haul.


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