#SEJThinkTank Recap: Visual Marketing in 2016 and Why You Still Need it (More Than Ever)

On Wednesday, March 2nd, the SEJ ThinkTank was joined by Nemanja Darijevic, Creative and Development Director of Pixel Road Designs, to talk about visual marketing in 2016. This hour-long webinar was moderated by our own Loren Baker and included a short Q&A session at the end.

During this webinar, Nemanja’s discusses:

How to Rise Above the Advertising Clutter

Studies show our brain retains 65% of visual images they see, and we only have 50 milliseconds to get our audience’s attention. That is why visual marketing is so vital.

Nemanja said there’s too much advertising noise clamoring for our audience’s attention, so the challenge today is how to make your brand stand out, amidst the clutter and the short attention span of the market.

How to Create Visuals that Perform

Your brand should be well-defined so your target audience can easily identify with you. Your visual marketing communications mix composed of videos, images, infographics should mirror who you are. The messages sent out in social media should also be aligned with your overall brand persona.

Nemanja stressed that your visuals should be original and based on an umbrella strategy that works towards the achievement of your goals – not based on personal preference.

Focus On Goals

When creating visual elements, one of the most common mistakes is allowing personal likes and dislikes to overshadow the goals of your visual content. Don’t fall into the trap of making personal decisions – instead, make sure you stay focused on “goals, goals, goals”.

Resources Mentioned: (tools to create infographics)

Watch the Full Recording of the Webinar

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