#SEJThinkTank: Are You Really Reaching Your Audience?

On January 6th, 2016, Erin Everhart of Home Depot joined Loren Baker and the rest of the SEJ ThinkTank for an hour-long webinar and Q&A session about reaching your target audience.

In the advent of digital marketing, content management, and social media, how can you rise above the advertising clutter to make sure your messages are communicated to the right customers?

Capture People’s Attention to Reel Them In

Erin says users only have three seconds of average attention span, which means you better grab their attention fast!

She says to rise above the advertising noise, you have to go beyond the usual. She shared strategies to capture your audience’s attention through unexpected surprises, disruptive strategies, a solid reputation, and humanizing your brand.

Engaged Users Become Customers

Once you have captured their attention, make sure to engage with your audience so they will eventually become your customers.

Erin shared how customer engagement should be done by going through specific examples from Home Depot, such as establishing quick wins by creating a sense of urgency. She suggests you show how many products are in stock, and ask for small commitments from your users to build a relationship before asking for bigger commitments.

Test Often to Stay Fresh

A good website is crafted towards an easy and convenient user experience. To keep your website user friendly, Erin suggests testing often and testing a variety of factors – but only one at a time. Not sure where to start? Make sure your headlines, CTA copy, CTA placements, and online forms are tested, and changed according to what works for your brand – and your customer’s needs.

Watch the Full Presentation Recording

Want to learn more? We recorded the webinar so you can watch it from start to finish.

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