Repackaging Content to Drive Traffic Over and Over Again

At Pubcon 2015 in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to speak with Ann Smarty, of Internet Marketing Ninjas, about the concept of content repackaging.

We’re all so focused on creating new content that we don’t stop to think about how we can make the best use of good content we’ve already created. If you have an original idea compared to all the other content being put out every day, you should treat it like gold.

In the video below, Ann explains how to get the most out of your original content to keep it working for you over and over again.

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • Ann explains how to repurpose content for multiple social networks. She gives the example of taking a video she would publish on YouTube, and transcribing it into a text article.
    • Repurposing that content even further, she gives the example of chopping it down into bite sized clips for networks like Vine and Instagram.
    • Then, you could even take the video clips one step further and turn them into GIFs for places like Tumblr and Reddit. There you have one piece of content uniquely purposed in six different ways.
  • The process explained above is content repackaging in a nutshell. If it sounds overwhelming, you’re not alone, Ann says. What you need to keep in perspective is the fact that you can take your time. You don’t just upload everything and then forget about it — you take your time to promote each piece of content individually.
  • Ann says it helps her to use social media scheduling software to keep everything in order and make sure everything gets published the way it should.
  • Once the content is published, promoted, how does it get amplified? Ann speaks of communities that can be joined where people share each other’s content which helps get it in front of more people.
  • When there’s a particularly successful piece of content, Ann puts money into it with Facebook advertising and paid placements in StumbleUpon. This helps get even more mileage out of a piece of content that should already be doing quite well by this point.
  • Throughout this experience you’ll gain insight into what types of content people are responding to, and where they’re responding to it, so you’ll know which types of content to create for which networks in the future.

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