Persona Behavioral Targeting With Dan Morrison

Loren Baker had the opportunity to talk with Dan Morrison of AimClear to talk about how persona behavioral targeting is important in content planning.

A big thanks to our SEJ Summit 2015 sponsor, Searchmetrics — the leading global enterprise platform for search experience optimization.

At the SEJ Summit 2015 in Mountain View, California, Loren Baker, the founder of SEJ, had the opportunity to speak with Dan Morrison, Client Services Manager of AimClear, about how persona behavioral targeting is becoming more important in content planning.

Here Are Some Key Takeaways From The Video:

  • It’s more important to focus on the consumer. What information do we know about them? How do we get the right message in front of them, at the right time? Sometimes, the right message is not “Hey, buy our stuff!”, but it’s “Hey, we know where you are at in your journey, we’re here to provide information for you.”
  • There is a wealth of segmentation available. Marketers can capitalize on knowing not just what’s going on in their customers’ lives, but what’s going on around them, and what’s impacting them.
  • Staying current can help. A content marketer’s editorial calendar offers various opportunities to deliver different messages based on world events.
  • Psychographic targeting is about interests — it’s what makes us who we are as people. It is our perception about other people as people, and not just like the usual data you get from demographics.
  • Facebook has recently released the ‘OR’ operator. It also allows targeting of Facebook admins.  Though LinkedIn is a valid channel for job-title targeting, Facebook also offers the same type of powerful targeting at a more affordable rate.

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