13 Tools to Automate Your Content Marketing

Although important in today’s marketing landscape, content marketing can be time-consuming for an already busy entrepreneur. Luckily, there are numerous software solutions out there to help automate this necessary part of business.

To find the best ones, we asked 12 founders from YEC about their favorite tools for automating aspects of their content marketing, and why they would recommend others test them out.


We use Hootsuite to promote client content across all of their social media profiles. When new content hits their blog it is immediately promoted on social media and then we schedule it for future posting times as well. This allows us to make sure new content is shared at different times of the day, increasing the chance that a larger percentage of their audience engages with the content.

– Jonathan LongMarket Domination Media


Buffer is a great tool to schedule future social media posts. Rather than spend every day finding content and then posting it, you can reduce this chore to a once-a-week session and then schedule your content to slowly go out across all social media channels. It makes your company look more active and reduces your workload managing social media.

– Jonny SimkinSwyft


I find that snip.ly is a useful tool for content curation. This allows you to link to informative content that’s already posted on the web and to add your own link to it. Using Snip.ly is sort of a middle ground between simply sharing links and creating your own content from scratch, giving you the best of both worlds. It helps you build traffic and provide relevant content with minimal effort.

– Shawn PoratFortune Cookie Advertising


To schedule pins to Pinterest and discover powerful analytics, get Tailwind. More than 35,000 brands and agencies use the service to create and manage scalable Pinterest marketing campaigns. As soon as you learn which pins generate the most traction across the social network, you’ll also be able to further hone and optimize your content marketing strategy.

– Danny WongBlank Label


I use Searchmetrics to stalk my competition and see what they are doing online so that I can do it better. Their content optimization suite helps me see exactly what’s ranking and the changes I need to make to my content, tags, etc. to outrank and out think my competition online. (Editor disclosure, Searchmetrics is a partner of SEJ for the SEJ Summit, but we weren’t paid or perked to include this recommendation on SEJ.)

– John RamptonDue


Infusionsoft is a complete CRM software used, primarily, for advanced email marketing. It can also provide invoicing, connect with social media, and help create sales funnels to better target your business audience. The learning curve is a bit steep, but our client results have been phenomenal compared to other automated systems for content marketing.

– Nicole MunozStart Ranking Now


CoSchedule is a smart content calendar and social plugin for WordPress. It helps you organize your content strategy and then create an effective social media strategy that best matches your content, allowing you to maximize your reach.

– Syed BalkhiOptinMonster


Curalate uses image reading algorithms that allow you to, among other things, schedule content, monitor its success and establish who the influencers that could sell your products are; all in real-time. This software makes sure that whatever content you put out there has a greater chance of going viral.

– Cody McLainSupportNinja


Zapier allows us to easily connect apps together to automate much of our content distribution. For example, when we post on Instagram, it automatically posts on Facebook and Twitter. It helps us to minimize the time we spend pushing content across these other channels.

– Chris BrissonCall Loop


We use Hubspot for all of our email marketing automation. It’s great for setting up workflows that allow you to intersect with customers when and where they are paying attention.

– Lindsay MullenProsper Strategies

Sprout Social

Sprout Social allows you to schedule posts on various social media channels whenever you want. When you write content ahead of time and schedule it,your time can be better spent overall. Social media helps companies gain more exposure everyday. Seventy-eight percent of salespeople using social media outsell their peers. Leveraging technology is also a great way to expand the reach of your clients internationally.

– Jayna CookeEVENTup


As opposed to many other tools, TrackMaven allows you to automate alerts as to how your content – and that of your competitors – is doing. It’s very useful for looking at and responding to the big picture across multiple platforms.

– Sam SaxtonSalter Spiral Stair and Mylen Stairs


Yesware tremendously simplifies the blogger outreach process, both in the initial outreach or pitch and in the follow-up email. It integrates right into Gmail, with no need for additional logins. It’s been a game changer for us, as we no longer need to spend days on manually sending and tracking emails. It’s all automated and results are displayed in a super user-friendly dashboard.

– Reuben YonatanGetVoIP


Featured Image: patpitchaya via Shutterstock