YouTube’s New ‘Explore’ Tab Helps Users Discover Videos Based on Viewing Activity

YouTube is testing a new tab in the iPhone app that is designed to help users find videos they may not have discovered on their own.

The new ‘Explore’ tab surfaces videos based on a user’s viewing activity.

However, since YouTube emphasizes users would not have otherwise encountered the content, it’s unlikely the videos will be from previously viewed channels.

In other words — the Explore tab will help expose YouTube viewers to new creators.

This is in contrast to the Home tab, which tends to feature recommended videos from channels that a user is regularly watching.

Videos surfaced in the Explore tab will related to topics that a user is interested in, according to their viewing history.

Tom Leung, a Director of Product Management at YouTube, states in an explainer video:

“Explore is designed to help you be exposed to different topics, videos, and channels that you might not otherwise encounter, but they are still personalized and based on your viewing activity. For example, if you’ve been watching a lot of videos about telescopes, in Explore you might see videos about high-end cameras. It’s going to give you a little more variety.”

This is an experimental feature that will be available to only a select number of people who use the YouTube app on iPhones.

Those who have been selected for the test group will notice that the Explore tab exists in place of the Trending tab.

The test has started rolling out now and will be live for at least the next few weeks.