YouTube Analytics Now Lets Creators Compare Metrics Side-by-Side

YouTube is upgrading its analytics capabilities, allowing creators to compare multiple metrics side-by-side for the first time.

This update specifically pertains to data in the ‘deep dive’ section of the YouTube analytics dashboard. The ‘deep dive’ section appears after clicking on “see more” next to any of the metrics on the overview screen.

Click on “see more” to get to the deep dive section

Deep Dive Data Comparisons

The deep dive section lets creators compare performance changes over time. Until now, creators have only been able to compare the performance of one metric at a time.

Now, creators can compare multiple metrics side-by-side in the same graph. This is useful for spotting correlations between metrics, and analyzing how one metric moves another.

Comparison of views versus comments

A recommended comparison is ‘views versus comments’, so you can see if some videos are getting more or less comments compared to other videos with a similar number of views.

Comparing ‘views versus revenue’ can also be useful for creators with monetization capabilities. You’ll have the option to compare any combination of the dozens of metrics YouTube tracks.

All types of YouTube metrics

Other Types of Data Comparisons

In addition to comparing metrics against each other, data in the deep dive section can also be compared in the following ways:

  • Period over period: Compare month versus month performance, or year versus year.
  • Top videos: Compare a channel’s overall top videos from one month over another.
  • Audience: A geographic comparison shows where your audience is coming from month to month.

For more details, and a look at new analytics features coming in the future, see the full video from the YouTube team below: