YouTube Adds Traffic & Revenue Data to Mobile Analytics

YouTube is bringing more analytics reports to mobile that were previously only available on desktop, which includes data about traffic sources and revenue.

Creators can now stay informed about their earnings while they’re on the go, and see how viewers are finding their videos.

Speaking of revenue, YouTube is giving creators a new way to plead their case if they feel they were incorrectly removed from the YouTube Partner Program.

Here’s more about the announcements from YouTube’s weekly news update.

More YouTube Analytics Reports on Mobile

YouTube is in the process of bringing more desktop features to mobile.

As part of this initiative, creators are getting access to two new reports under the revenue tab in the Studio Mobile app.

Monthly Revenue Report

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This report shows estimated revenue for the current month, along with historical data so you can compare month over month performance.

Transaction Revenue Report

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This report shows where your earning came from which includes channel memberships, Super Chats, Super Stickers, and other things that are paid for by viewers.

Traffic Sources Performance Report

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Previously available only in the video overview section of YouTube Studio on desktop, creators will now have access to the traffic sources report on mobile.

This card is going to show you two specific things:

  • A summary of your traffic sources performance
  • Whether any of those traffic sources are higher, lower, or typical compared to previous videos.

Traffic sources are limited to different areas of YouTube, such as notifications, subscribers feed, recommendations, and channel pages.

Tap on the card to find out if your performance this month is higher, lower, or typical compared to previous months.

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Note that this report does not show the sources of external traffic

YouTube is hoping to roll out the traffic sources and revenue reports over the next couple of days.

Appeals Via Video

In another update for creators in the YouTube Partner Program — if you get banned from the program you can now submit an appeal via video.

Creators in the YouTube Partner Program are eligible to earn ad revenue from their videos. So it can be a significant blow to a creator’s livelihood if they get removed from the program.

YouTube regularly reviews all monetized channels to ensure they’re following the company’s policies. This process involves a team of human reviewers and sometimes they make mistakes.

It can happen that reviewers incorrectly suspend or reject channels from the YouTube partner program.

Now, when a creator believe’s YouTube’s reviewers made a mistake, they can record a video explaining why their channel doesn’t violate monetization policies.

They’ll have a change to explain what their channel is about and the kinds of content they produce.

Then YouTube’s policy team will review the video, and the channel as a whole, with that added context in mind.

If a genuine mistake was made, YouTube will turn monetization back on for the channel.

YouTube is expanding this beta to allow creators to submit videos in their own native language, with English subtitles if that native language isn’t supported.

YouTube hopes to expand this beta even more in the near future.

Source: YouTube Creator Insider

Featured Image: slyellow / Shutterstock