Twitter Users Can Now DM You From Your Website

Twitter is adding a new Message button that will make it easier for people who visit your company or personal website to directly contact you, the company announced via a tweet.

If you embed the new button on your site, anyone who visits your website and has a Twitter account can simply tap the button to send you a direct message on Twitter.

The new Message button can be embedded on any website and looks just like Twitter’s other buttons (Share, Follow, Mention, and Hashtag). Just make sure your Twitter account is set up to allow direct messages from anyone, not just people who follow you.

How to Add the Twitter Message Button To Your Site

It’s super easy to set up and get the code. Here’s how to do it.

Go to Twitter Publish. Scroll down and click on the Twitter Buttons option.

Choose the Message button option.

Simply put in the Twitter user name you want people to use to contact you. Next, add the user ID (you’ll have to go to the “Your Twitter data” to get this number, which appears in the username section). Click on the Preview button.

That will generate the code you need to add to your website. Copy it, and embed it wherever you want it to live on your website.

Twitter also lets you further tailor the button.

Clicking on the “set customization options” link will bring up four additional options. You can automatically fill the message with text of your choosing, hide the username from the button, use a larger button size, and choose the language to use.

What do you think? Will you add the Twitter Message button to your website?

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