Twitter Unlocks Conversational Ads For All Advertisers

Twitter has opened Conversational Ads to all advertisers and introduced a new ad type that lets people who tweet about brands unlock exclusive content, the company announced.

Twitter’s Instant Unlock Card

Twitter’s new Instant Unlock Card basically rewards people for tweeting about your brand. In exchange for their tweet, you must give them an image or a video worth tweeting about, such as a trailer, recipe, or interview.

Here’s how it works:

  • A business promotes an exclusive piece of content. For example, AMC TV used an Instant Unlock Card to tease “The Walking Dead” fans with an exclusive trailer. If fans wanted to unlock the trailer, they had to click on the button instructing them to tweet the campaign hashtag.
  • People tweet your message. Clicking on the button will bring up some pre-composed text, including a hashtag, that users can edit or simply just tweet.
  • Your content is unlocked. Now those who tweeted about it can enjoy it.

In addition to AMC, brands like Coca-Cola and Marvel also saw success in early testing, according to Twitter.

Twitter reported that during the beta brands were getting 34 free impressions for every 100 paid impressions.

Conversation Ads & Analytics

Twitter’s Conversation Ads are now out of beta and available to all advertisers. The goal of these ads is, as the name implies, to drive more conversation between businesses and Twitter users.

Introduced in January, these ads work by adding a call-to-action button that invites users to tweet with a customizable hashtag. After they tweet about your business, users will see your thank you message.

Twitter has also introduced some engagement analytics to the Twitter Ads dashboard to help you measure how your Conversation Ad campaigns perform.

Image Credit: Twitter, edited by author