Twitter Professional Profiles Available to More Businesses

After an initial rollout to a small test group, Twitter is now opening up applications for professional profiles to all interested businesses.

Professional profiles, introduced back in April, turn a standard profile into one that’s more business-centric.

A small pool of businesses in the United States have been testing Twitter’s new profile option for the past six months.

Now it’s ready for a wider launch.

Previously, businesses had to be invited by Twitter in order to receive access to a professional profile.

Twitter now has an application form for businesses to fill out if they’re interested in upgrading.

Businesses will be approved if they meet a basic set of eligibility criteria.

Here’s more about Twitter’s professional profiles, including what you can do with them and how to apply for one.

What is a Professional Profile on Twitter?

A professional profile is a free upgrade to standard profiles, which is available as an option to those with professional accounts.

You can use a professional profile to display information you’re not able to showcase on a standard profile.

Screenshot from, October 2021.

Businesses, publishers, developers, and creators can display the following information on their upgraded profile page:

  • Business location: Listed directly in the profile and displayed visually on a small map. People can tap on the location map/listing to open Google Maps and get directions.
  • Hours of operation (optional): Showcase the days and times people can reach your business at a physical location.
  • Methods of contact: Enable options for customers to contact your business through any or all of the following methods:
    • Phone call
    • Text message
    • Twitter Direct Message
    • Email

This cluster of information is referred to as the ‘about module.’

In addition, a professional profile opens up access to enhanced features that aren’t available to businesses with a standard profile.

Twitter is still in the process of developing those features. A couple that can be added to a professional profile today include:

  • Newsletter module: Add a subscribe button to your profile that allows users to quickly sign up to a mailing list.
  • Shop module: Allows your business to display a carousel of products at the top of the profile page.

Screenshot from, October 2021.

Who is Eligible For a Professional Profile on Twitter?

Professional Accounts

In order to qualify for a professional profile you must first have a professional Twitter account.

A standard account can be converted into a professional account from the settings screen by selecting “Switch to Professional.”

From there Twitter will guide you through the rest of the steps.

Screenshot from, October 2021.

Other Eligibility Criteria

Along with having a professional account, your business must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a physical location where you do business with clients or customers.
  • Be based in the United States and use Twitter in English.

If that criteria is met you can go on to submit an application form.

Note that any business can submit an application, but Twitter is going to review every application that comes through to make sure the business qualifies.

How to Apply For a Professional Profile on Twitter

Businesses are asked to submit a brief form to confirm their eligibility for a professional profile.

The form asks for you business’s name, address, contact information, and hours of operation.

After submitting the application, Twitter will get in touch through email to confirm or deny your eligibility.


Featured Image: Screenshot from, October 2021.