Top 5 Car Execs to Use Twitter

Top executives enjoy using Twitter because it gives them an opportunity to connect directly with an audience that is too often distanced by countless layers of mid-management. This access, a success with politicians, has proven to likewise be successful for business executives and celebrities.

Below is a list of the five car executives who have taken the public into consideration, and shared their views openly:

  1. USA President of Toyota, Jim Lentz, likes to entertain his fan base of Prius-fanatics when he engages them via Twitter. He has embraced social media via Digg Dialogg, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Toyota has 32,000 fan-followers.
  2. GM has four prominent executives spearheading their Twitter presence. They have nearly 19,000 followers, and also keep a blog for customers.
  3. With about 45,000 followers, Ford has done well on Twitter. Though their tweets are all business-oriented, the fan base seems to enjoy it. On the bright side, Ford’s social media guru, Scott Monty, is genuinely outgoing with customers.
  4. Strangely, the CEO of Chrysler does interact with the public via Twitter, but only through his social media team. His posts are always business-oriented quotes, meant to reach customers’ wallets, rather than hearts. Keep it up, Chrysler! You’re almost to 10,000 followers.
  5. Also coming-in with just about 10,000 followers, Volkswagen interacts with customers on Twitter, engaging in light banter and cheerful industry news.

For those who just want the industry insights, or those who may be looking for a human element in a favorite car company, Twitter is a great place to look. Allowing customers to follow both the brand and the related comments, this is a great resource for those who want to find out about customer service practices and issues.