Tool Alert! Create a Twitter Digest to Easier Keep Up with Your Closest Friends

Keeping up with your social media contacts is one of the most important steps in building online presence. But how not to get lost and cluttered? Today’s tool may be an answer.

Twitter Digest is an interesting tool that (as the name suggests) allows to create a digest of tweets from your favorite Twitter users to more efficiently keep up with them.

Just pick the Twitter list or usernames you’d like to generate a digest for, and you will see all updates made by them during the past full day (GMT). At midnight, a new set of updates rolls over.

To get started, either submit your (or any other user whose lists you want to track) Twitter username (and then choose a Twitter list) or enter one or more Twitter usernames (one username per line) and use the links that will appear at the bottom.

The digest is available as both a webpage that you can visit periodically:

or as an Atom feed that you subscribe to get updates (grouped as one feed item) in your favorite feed reader:

Looks like an awesome tool to keep updated of your Twitter contacts. What are your thoughts?