StumbleUpon for Your Business: Why It Matters

Source: Stumble Upon Sign Up and Homepage | Official Website

It may not be as popular as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest, but seasoned social media marketers would agree that you shouldn’t ignore StumbleUpon. But what is StumbleUpon anyway?

  • It is a Social Bookmarking Site: It is a type of social network that lets you save links of online content for later reference. You can also share your saved links with your connection, as well as discover other content using the “Stumble!” button.
  • It is a Social Voting Site: Just like in DIGG and Reddit, users are allowed to vote content that they could stumble.  This includes videos, images, blog posts, and browser games.

Why You Should Use StumbleUpon?

It’s important that you include StumbleUpon on your social media campaign because it can bring a handful of traffic to your website or blog. It allows you to reach more potential audience, as well as expose your content to thousands of users.

The good thing about this is that the more people up-vote your posts, the more users can see it when they click the Stumble button. Furthermore, users can recommend your links to their network connection, which leverages your posts further. As a result, it could turn your content into something viral.

This means that StumbleUpon is ideal for those who want to boost their website’s traffic. This is a social media tool for content providers who want to share what they have to say to the world. Whether you want to promote something or you want to share an idea, it only means that you have a message and you should share it. And the better way to do it is to post it on StumbleUpon.

The only problem with the traffic coming from the social bookmarking site is that they are difficult to convert. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the visitors that are coming from StumbleUpon. After all, it is still your job to come up with a great content that will keep your first time visitors hooked and coming back for more.

How to Use StumbleUpon

Some users usually don’t have a clue how StumbleUpon was able to drive hundreds of traffic to their content. However, there’s a trend between users who were able to find success with their promotional efforts. This has something to do with consistency.

You have to be consistent in posting your links on StumbleUpon. Otherwise, your followers may no longer realize that you’re missing, especially that there are hundreds and thousands of content shared on the social bookmarking site.