Snapchat Releases New Lenses Exclusively for iPhone X

Snapchat has released a new set of lenses designed to take advantage of the dual front-facing cameras on iPhone X.

When Apple first revealed the iPhone X last year it teased different ways app developers could make use of the front-facing “TrueDepth” camera. One of the examples included augmented reality (AR) Snapchat lenses.

Apple’s depth sensing and facial mapping technology allows Snapchat to create lenses that more realistically attach to the subject’s face. They can reflect surrounding light as well as render 3D objects.

The new lenses include a Mardi Gras mask, a Day of the Dead skull, and pro wrestler face paint.

As an iPhone X users and a wrestling fan, I couldn’t resist trying out one of these new lenses by channeling 1980’s Sting from World Championship Wrestling.

Yours truly

Notice now this lens has more of a custom fit, with light reflecting off the black paint in certain areas. This is due to the lens being dynamically built around a facial map created by the iPhone X camera.

This makes Snapchat one of the very few third parties to take advantage of the iPhone X TrueDepth camera. The only other one I can think of is Warby Parker, which has a feature that will recommend glasses based on the shape of a user’s face.