Redesign Your Website To Become Web 2.0 : Quick Tips

The term “Web 2.0” can be defined in two different ways. First, the new emergence of the web since the last boom of the .com’s (new web based sites/applications/technology- i.e., Adsense, Wikipedia, Blogging), and the way websites are now being designed/programmed in terms of user interaction and web-based interaction.

Here is a diagram to illustrate what web point is and what it has become:

Image Source: O’

Here are some quick and easy modifications and ad-ons you can make to your website to become “Web 2.0” if it isn’t already.

  1. RSS Feeds: Feeds have become great assets to websites. The user now has the option to receive all you’re websites updated information without actually having to visit your website. RSS Feeds have greatly improved repeat visitors and readership/subscriptions across the board.
  2. Blogs: Blogs have personalized companies/products with consumers. Users want to feel like they buy (either product or information) from a trusted source and someone they know. Blogs have personalized this relationship between the companies and users. Start a blog on your business (service or product) to better inform the customer and that will also keep them coming back, asking questions, etc.
  3. Bookmark Submission Buttons: Any site you have that can provide information to a user should have Bookmark submission buttons. If one person is interested in what you are saying, there is a chance another million are as well. These button will facilitate and better expose your information to the masses on pages such as,,, and others. They are not only great traffic drivers but link builders as well.
  4. User Interaction: To me, this is the most important tool you can implement on your website today (if possible). User’s want to interact with what they are looking at or reading, its human nature. We have opinions, we like to share. Over 80+ million people share their lives over their profile on Myspace, Over 2 million people are now sharing websites they think others will find interesting on, and Over a million people are sharing stories they think others will enjoy on, and in all these together, many more millions of people place comments. Make you’re user be hands-on if possible with your website, and interact with your company.

One great example of a website which redesigned it’s look to become “web 2.0” is After it’s makeover, the website had a 380% bump in traffic! Their new design not only engages users in all their stories but also has the look and feel of the new Web 2.0 design. Its very clean and simple.

Redesigning you’re website can be a difficult task if you’ve had something in place for a long time, but it’s a must to move forward and keep up with the ever-developing web. Start by making small changes and implementing whatever you think can work best to better engage your visitor.

Pablo Palatnik is Managing Partner of eTrend Media Group, which specializes in Pay-Per-Click Managagement & Social Media Optimization.