Reddit Makes A Couple Of Premium Features Available To All Users

Two popular features that Reddit Gold users enjoy will now be available to all users, VentureBeat reports. All Reddit users will now receive a notification when their account is linked to by another Reddit user, like when they’re mentioned in a thread or a post.

Another feature being rolled out to all users is the ability to send anonymous replies when gifted Reddit Gold by another user. Reddit Gold is how Reddit monetizes itself — giving users the ability to pay a small fee ($4/month) to have access exclusive features, some of which eventually get rolled out to all users.

Reddit Gold is commonly gifted to other users as a way of thanking them for a particularly useful/funny/witty comment or thread.

Gold users are indicated by a little gold coin next to their user name, and now they’ll have another way of showing off their premium status with a new feature rolling out today just for Reddit Gold members.

“Snoovatars” (named after mascot Snoo) are custom avatars Gold users can make by manipulating the company’s famous alien mascot by adding clothing and accessories. You can then choose to make the Snoovatar publicly available to show off to all the free users.

A community of Snoovatar enthusiasts is already growing and sharing their creations over at