Pinterest Introduces A New Analytics Platform For Business Users

Pinterest often hears from businesses who change their product and marketing strategies based on insights learned on the platform, the company stated in an announcement.

In an effort to continue to help businesses improve how they work, Pinterest has introduced a new analytics platform. The new analytics platform is said to be smarter, and capable of providing meaningful insights about what your customers are interested in.

A few of the key features of Pinterest’s new analytics platform include:

  • Traffic and engagement metrics: See what people interact with most from your Pinterest profile and website, and how much traffic your site gets when you add the Pin It button.
  • Audience insights: Insight into the people who engage with your business and what else they’re into.
  • Advice for driving further engagement: Based on how people engage with your content, Pinterest will provide advice on how to increase impressions, clicks and repins.

We’ve gotten lots of great feedback about our analytics tool, and we hope this new version helps you improve how you do business—whether it’s updating your product offerings after seeing what’s popular on Pinterest, or changing how you pin based on what’s trending with Pinners.

To get started with Pinterest’s new analytics platform first make sure you have a business account. Then go to to see the new analytics. For further information, check out Pinterest’s Help Center.