Now You Can Share Links to Snapchat from Third Party Apps on iOS

Snapchat recently updated its iOS app with a feature that was previously only available on Android — link sharing from third-party apps.

When you’re viewing content in another app and tap the share button at the bottom of the screen, you will now see Snapchat as an option of other apps to share to.

A link to the content can then be sent as a private message in Snapchat to one or as many people as you like.

This opens up another source of social media referral traffic for publishers, which is becoming ever more elusive with major social networks tweaking their algorithms to favor paid content.

Along with this update, the latest version of Snapchat has another new feature that is worth mentioning.

Ghost Mode

Want to go off the grid and share Snaps without alerting others of your location? Turn on Ghost Mode.

Enabling Ghost Mode from the settings menu allows users to stop sharing their location for a duration of 3 hours, 24 hours, or indefinitely until turned off.

This will be useful for people who want to share pictures and videos without broadcasting their exact location at the time.

Both of these updates are available now in the latest version of Snapchat for iOS.