New on Pinterest: Autoplay Videos, Tried It Pins

Pinterest is testing a new type of Promoted Video that begins playing as soon as Pinterest users discover it. The company has also unveiled “tried it” pins.

Autoplay Promoted Videos

Here’s how Pinterest described the addition of autoplay to Promoted Videos, which debuted in August:

“Brands advertising with this kind of Promoted Video can create an episodic viewing experience. With additional videos that run alongside the primary video, you can create a playlist of ideas. When someone is done watching your first video, the next starts playing automatically. In this way, people on Pinterest get a series of ideas from your brand.”

Sony Pictures, Macy’s, and Home Depot are among the brands testing out the new ad format.

Pinterest is also creating a new home for autoplay promoted videos. Called Pinterest Explore, this section essentially will feature what’s trending on Pinterest every day – it will include curated content from influencers, experts, and Pinterest employees, according to Pinterest’s announcement.

“Tried It” Pins

Another recent addition to Pinterest: users can now add a checkmark to pins to keep track of ideas they have tried. Essentially, this works as a sort of bookmark. Pinterest users who tap the checkmark will be able to see that pin whenever they want in a new profile section called “Tried.”

In addition, users can share their experiences with these “tried it” pins, in the form of feedback, notes, and photos. This feedback shows up on the pin so “anyone curious about your products and services can just scroll down to see how things turned out for your existing customers,” according to Pinterest’s announcement.

This update has already rolled out to the Pinterest app and should become available via the web soon.