Meet Reditr: The TweetDeck for Reddit

Source: Reditr Column Screenshot | Official Website

For the long-time Reddit users, they have an idea how daunting it could be when viewing or saving content. It requires that users must open a lot of tabs, and move back and forth between the social aggregator site’s homepage and other websites.

Redditors, Meet the Reditr

Because of that, two students, namely Dimitry Vinogradov and David Zorychta, had decided to create Reditr. It’s like TweetDeck, but its content is coming from just one feed. However, the creators are hoping to optimize the user experience by creating a standalone app, which could completely change the way users interact with the social aggregator site.

After undergoing beta testing last summer, the site was finally launched last Monday. Reditr is a free extension client that is available for Google Chrome. It also has a standalone Windows version, while Mac users will have an iteration of the app in the near future.

As for the application’s interface, it features a column-like design that is similar to TweetDeck. In fact, Vinogradov and Zorychta said that Reditr was inspired by the Twitter app’s “simplicity and powerful column design.”

This design structure enables the user to have quick access to a staggeringly large amount of content, all easily navigated via a simple column design.

How Reditr Works

With Reditr, users can create a feed for specific or multiple subreddits, as well search queries and other user activities. The columns are updated in real time or when a new content receives an up-vote.

The application also features the display everything without the need to leave a page. All that a user needs is to hover on an individual post to preview an image, video, or link. This works the same as Reddit Enhancement Suit, although Reditr allows a user to hover over multiple subreddits at one. There’s also another option for visual subreddits like images and videos.

Aside from working like a TweetDeck for Reddit, the application has a pretty straightforward basic search and optimized advanced search functionalities. Perhaps, the only thing missing here is the ability to see which subreddits have the content which a user is searching for.

What Lies Ahead for Reditr

While Reddit is striving to become part of the social media cycle, bloggers and journalists might find a tool such as Reditr to be very useful. However, the creators pointed out that their main goal is to enhance the user experience on Reddit. As stated by a Reditr staff:

The biggest benefit of developing an application for Reddit, is that we can always depend on the Reddit community for constructive ideas as to the future of Reditr.