LinkedIn Reveals Top 25 Skills Of 2014, SEO In The Top 5

LinkedIn recently revealed the top 25 hottest skills of 2014, which was determined after analyzing data in over 330 million LinkedIn member profiles to determine which were the most in-demand skills.

Some good news for those of us in the SEO industry— our skills came in at number 5! Marketing, programming, and other web-related skills also made up much of the top 25.

Here is the full list:

The 25 Hottest Professional Skills Of 2014

1. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
2. Middleware and Integration Software
3. Storage Systems and Management
4. Network and Information Security
5. SEO/SEM Marketing
6. Business Intelligence
7. Mobile Development
8. Web Architecture and Development Framework
9. Algorithm Design
10. Perl/Python/Ruby
11. Data Engineering and Data Warehousing
12. Marketing Campaign Management
13. Mac, Linux and Unix Systems
14. User Interface Design
15. Recruiting
16. Digital and Online Marketing
17. Computer Graphics and Animation
18. Economics
19. Java Development
20. Channel Marketing
21. SAP ERP Systems
22. Integrated Circuit (IC) Design
23. Shell Scripting Languages
24. Game Development
25. Virtualization

It’s interesting to note that LinkedIn released a similar list last year which saw social media marketing and mobile development in the top 1 and 2 positions. Now social media marketing is nowhere to be found, and mobile development fell to number 7.

Here’s what this year’s report had to say about SEO/SEM in particular:

“Marketing is back in vogue. Interestingly, another quite popular profession on the list is marketing. The focus this year was on SEO/SEM specialists, campaign managers and digital marketers – it sounds like companies are focusing on improving the performance of their efforts and focusing on digital innovation.”

LinkedIn’s report of the top 25 skills also offers a breakdown of the most sought after skills in each country. You can view the full report here.