LinkedIn Lists Top 10 In-Demand Marketing Skills

LinkedIn has published a report of the top 10 in-demand marketing skills in 2021, based on what employers are looking for in job postings.

Half of the top 10 jobs posted on the platform are in the digital or media space, the report reveals.

As a result, the most in-demand skills show an increasing reliance on technology, a growing trend of leveraging social media, and a continuing relevance of SEO.

SEO is highlighted a few times throughout the report, as there’s a particular demand for off-page SEO.

That’s one skill that can help marketers stand out, the report shows, as off-page SEO represents one of the top skill gaps in digital marketing.

Here are some additional highlights from LinkedIn’s report on in-demand marketing skills.

Top Marketing Skills In Demand

These are the skills currently in highest demand for marketing jobs:

  1. Press releases
  2. HTML
  3. Web analytics
  4. Sales promotion
  5. Administrative assistance
  6. Digital marketing
  7. Adobe Acrobat
  8. Retail sales
  9. Google Analytics
  10. Content management systems (CMS)

While knowing how to write press releases is a must-have skill at the moment, LinkedIn predicts that becoming an expert at social media and content marketing will keep marketers prepared for the future.

With that said, these are the marketing skills with the fastest growing demand:

  1. Instagram
  2. Content marketing
  3. Creative problem solving
  4. Brand awareness
  5. Branding
  6. Hootsuite
  7. Adobe Premiere Pro
  8. Marketing automation
  9. Customer experience
  10. Facebook marketing

In the job market, getting hired has a lot to do with supply and demand.

LinkedIn has identified the marketing skills with the highest supply to demand ratio.

Here they are in order, with the skills at the top in higher supply, and the skills at the bottom in lower supply:

  1. Digital marketing
  2. Advertising
  3. Social media
  4. Data science
  5. Graphic design
  6. Product marketing
  7. Corporate communications
  8. Sales operations
  9. Web development
  10. Writing

Related to the above, these are the greatest skills gaps in digital marketing:

  1. Digital strategy
  2. Omniture
  3. Link building
  4. Search advertising
  5. Off-page SEO

To fill the skills gaps, many LinkedIn members take advantage of the site’s free learning courses.

I won’t list them all here, but it’s worth noting “SEO Foundations” is the 4th most popular amongst LinkedIn’s marketing courses.

Here are additional highlights from the report regarding SEO as an in-demand skill:

“…search marketing is hot and SEO remains a core focus of marketing strategy, especially as voice search makes inroads into customer habits…

…paid search and search engine marketing are also on the list of top skills employers seek. Being skilled in digital strategy, Omniture, link-building, and off-page SEO can make you a coveted asset.”

Top Marketing Jobs In Demand

Now that you’ve seen the top in-demand marketing skills, here’s a look at some of the jobs you can get with them.

These are currently the top 10 marketing jobs in highest demand:

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist
  2. Digital Account Executive
  3. Social Media Manager
  4. Digital Marketing Manager
  5. Copywriter
  6. Marketing Associate
  7. Account Supervisor
  8. Marketing Assistant
  9. Digital Strategist
  10. Marketing Manager

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More About LinkedIn’s Report

This information is sourced from​ LinkedIn internal data – Based on total NAMER jobs in the Marketing function listed on LinkedIn from March 30, 2020 to September 29, 2020 compared to September 30, 2020 to March 30, 2021.

Source: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog