LinkedIn Adds New & Improved Tools To Creator Mode

LinkedIn announced the addition of new tools and features to its creator mode. Creator mode is a profile setting intended to help LinkedIn users increase their reach, build engaged audiences, and expand their influence on the platform.

With the goal of providing members with more resources to start quality conversations and make an impact, LinkedIn has made the following changes.

New Tools

Creator Analytics – This update gives users the ability to measure content performance and growth, allowing them to optimize content strategy and audience engagement. Creators can now track content performance over time and aggregate totals for metrics like impressions and engagements.

It also includes demographic insights, downloadable analytics, and weekly impression tracking directly from the user’s profile.

Subscribe To Notifications – Users can now notify audiences of new content by allowing them to opt-in to notifications. If someone is subscribed to a creator’s content, they will be notified every time a new post is added.

Newsletter Featuring – Last year, creator mode began allowing newsletter publishing, which led to a 625% increase in the number of newsletters on the platform and an 89% increase in subscriptions worldwide.[1]

To further improve the reach of these publications, LinkedIn now allows creators to highlight their newsletter in the featured section of their profiles, making it easier for the audience to find the latest edition and subscribe.


Post Analytics – LinkedIn has reworked the user experience for post analytics to include new summary pages for additional information clarity.

Definitions of metrics have been changed to provide more nuanced insights into articles. “Views” is now used to refer to the number of times an article was viewed. “Impressions” is the number of times a post containing the article was displayed onscreen.

The latest update also improved filtering of analytics data. You can now get information on engagement across occupation, industry, location, industry and, company size.

Profile Videos – Creators can now use a video in place of their profile picture, which will feature a blue ring around it to indicate it is a video. New analytics show the number of views, and users can follow profiles directly from the video.

Prompts are included to inspire creators and provide a video starting point. Profile videos can only be created on mobile.

Creator Mode Continues to Drive Engagement

Launched in March 2021, 5.5 million members have turned on creator mode. By using these features, LinkedIn has seen a nearly 30% increase in content engagement by users.[2]

Creator mode is available to all LinkedIn members who meet the following criteria:

  • An audience base of more than 150 followers and/or connections
  • Recent share of any type of content on the platform
  • A good standing record and a history of abiding by community policies

Any user who meets these requirements has access to creator mode, which gives them access to LinkedIn Live Video[3], which can be used to broadcast live video content, and LinkedIn Newsletters.[4] Other functionality includes tools for short-form posts, documents and events.

For more information about these changes and creator mode in general, LinkedIn has an official page for creators.

Featured Image: Screenshot from, April 2022.