Instagram’s New Emoji Sliders Can Gauge Your Audience’s Opinion on Topics

Instagram has introduced a new feature that lets users rate their opinion on various topics by moving an emoji along a sliding scale.

These new emoji sliders, now available for use in stories, are a new take on Instagram’s poll stickers.

Whereas poll stickers allowed users to choose between two options, emoji stickers allow users to express a range of feelings. For example, they can express not only whether they like a certain thing or not, but how much they like it.

The emoji in the slider will change as it moves up and down the scale — such as a blank face emoji to a face with heart eyes.

Similar to how poll stickers would let you know which option your followers selected, emoji sliders will let you know how far individual followers moved the scale.

Emoji sliders can be added to stories just like any other sticker. Place it where you want, add a question, and choose nearly any emoji you’d like to use.

This new feature is now available by updating the Instagram app for iOS and Android.