Instagram Sees Record Gains, Hits 400 Million User Milestone

Instagram, now the world’s second most popular social network in terms of monthly users, is celebrating record gains.

Just nine months after celebrating 300 million users, the company is reporting 400 million monthly active users — 75% of whom live outside the United States.

Instagram’s 400 million users are publishing a collective 80 million photos per day on the social network

The company also points out among the last 100 million users to join Instagram are celebrities, international sports stars, political figures, and more.

With 400 million users logging in each month, and growing, Instagram has surpassed Twitter’s last reported users numbers of 316 million per month.

Not counting instant messaging apps, Instagram is second only to Facebook in terms of the largest number of monthly active users on the web.

This is undoubtedly good news for Instagram, as these gains come at a time when the company is rolling out its monetization strategy more widely.

These gains in Instagram users are a possible indication that people are receptive to seeing more Instagram ads in their feeds or, at the very least, people are not leaving the network because of the ads.

Editorial Credit: Shutterstock