Instagram Makes it Easy to Follow People by Scanning ‘Nametags’

Instagram is reportedly in the process of rolling out a new feature which is similar to Snapchat’s QR codes.

The new “Nametags” will make it easier to follow people on Instagram that you meet in real life, and easier for them to follow you back.

Instagram will generate an image that is unique to each user. Another user can then scan the image with the Instagram app to automatically follow that person.

At least one user has reported seeing this feature in the wild, and has sent screenshots to TechCrunch. A brief video has been created to demonstrate this feature.

In addition to making it easier to follow people you’ve met, Nametags could easily be use in marketing pieces as well — such as posters, catalogs, handbills, business cards, and so on.

Instagram has not officially commented on this feature yet, other than confirming to TechCrunch that it’s indeed being tested.