Instagram Introduces Full Screen Support for Ads in Stories

Instagram is making it easier for businesses to create full ads that can be used in Stories.

Now, when uploading content in Ads Manager it will be automatically converted into the full screen Stories format.

Advertisers will first have to upload a single photo or 15-second video within Instagram Feed aspect ratios in Ads Manager. The content can then be used as a regular in-feed ad, or be automatically converted to a Stories ad.

Instagram will not convert the ad to full screen format by zooming in on the content, which is good because that would result in content on the sides getting cut off. Rather, Instagram uses pixel matching technology to automatically select a background gradient to fill the unused space with.

If the advertiser is using square or landscape content, then text that would otherwise be included in the Instagram feed will be added in stories text font below the photo or video.

In the example below you can see what it looks like when a square photo in the Instagram feed is converted into the full screen stories format.

This feature is now available to all Instagram advertisers.