Instagram Brings Notifications to Web Browsers

Instagram has added notifications to the web-based version of its app.

Those who use Instagram on web browsers will now receive (almost) all the same notifications that are sent on the native mobile app.

That includes notifications for new followers, likes, and comments.

Instagram on web browsers does not support direct messaging, so notifications for DM’s are still understandably absent.

As reported by Android Police, this change applies only to the Chrome browser.

Instagram on the web is now a step closer to offering the same functionality as the mobile app.

That’s ideal for users who wish to use Instagram when away from their phone.

Using Instagram on the web allows users to upload photos, just like on the app, though it doesn’t yet support video uploads.

The web version also offers a larger viewing experience on desktop computers and tablets.

Users can access Instagram on the web by visiting and logging in using the same credentials as the mobile app.