How to Enhance Your Ad Performance with Facebook Carousel Ads

Last year, Facebook introduced the carousel format for Facebook ads which lets advertisers showcase multiple images and links in one ad.

When comparing carousel ads to standard link ads, advertisers saw a 30-50% decrease in cost per acquisition and a 20-30% decrease in cost per click. And, there’s good news! These are easy to configure in your regular ad console.

Carousel link ads allow businesses to get better results by showcasing more images and links in a single ad.

Carousel link ads can be used to:

  • Lower cost per conversion or cost per click
  • Automatically optimize for your best creative
  • Drive results across campaign objectives

When adding images, you have the option to customize the photos, as well:

  • If you check “Automatically show the best performing images and links first,” Facebook will optimize the order of your images so that whichever image and link are getting the most clicks will be the first one to appear
  • If you’re using your carousel ad to tell a story, and want your images to appear in a set order, uncheck the option to automatically optimize your images and links

These carousel ads can also be used for any campaign objective – whether to send people to a website, promote Facebook page likes, etc.

Recently, this format was extended to mobile app ads, too.

Mobile App Carousel Ads

According to Facebook’s blog, foodpanda increased click-through rates by 180% and reduced their cost per install by 39% when using carousel ads to promote their app.

Carousel ads can be used in a variety of ways, depending on your brand. For example, a retailer can showcase theri latest line of products. Business of any kind can use this real estate to tell a story.

The carousel ads also provide functionality beyond the six-image view that has been around for a while.

Selecting multiple images for your ads in a single ad set is an easy way to understand which ad performs best and to get the most out of the amount you spend for advertising.

When you provide Facebook with multiple images, they are able create multiple ads for you under one ad set, so your ad budget gets used on the best performing ad.

So, you could add numerous images for an ad, but Facebook would only show one each time (even though it would rotate through them – i.e. one person would see photo 1 while another may see photo 2).

With carousel ads, a single person will see numerous images at once, allowing them to grasp the full picture of whatever is being conveyed.

Have you tried carousel ads? How did they perform?


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