Google Launches TipJar, a Yahoo Answer-Like Money Saving Tips Site

As a little way of helping people during these trying times, Google has launched the TipJar Site, a site listing money-saving tips submitted by, well people who are supposed to be expert in the subject.  TipJar is powered by Google Moderator, a tool which started as an experiment for the Google App Engine.

TipJar is a simple site which list down money-saving tips on various categories such as Finance, Shopping, Kids and Family, Cars and Transit Food, Vacation, At Home, and At Work.

The site is currently populated by useful saving tips culled from various savings tips sites.  And everyone is free to submit their own tips. However don’t expect any compensation, as the submission of tips is open on voluntary basis.

In addition, TipJar is also employing a votation feature that pushes the best tips on top of the list. So, in a way it is also a social voting site, aside from being a lot like Yahoo Answers.  There is also a sharing option, although limited to just sharing the links for the tips.  Maybe someday, TipJar would also have a Tip Widget that can be embedded on blogs and websites.

TipJar is a simple site as it is right now. But there are certainly more room for improvements that is  if  case Google would decide to enhance the site some more. And there are certainly many directions that TipJar can take.