Google is Making YouTube More Advertiser-Friendly

While revealing over 50% of YouTube views now occur on mobile device, Google has announced a series of updates to improve the advertising experience across mobile and desktop

Some of these updates are available now, while others will be rolling out throughout the year. Here is an overview of what to expect.

Targeted Advertising

YouTube ads will now be targeted based on information associated with a viewer’s Google account. This includes demographic information, search history, and whether or not the viewer has engaged with the retailer in the past.

Controlling Ads Across Google and YouTube

In the next few weeks, Google will introduce the option for users to control the ads they see across both Google and YouTube. If a user mutes a particular advertiser in Search, that same advertiser will also be muted when the user watches videos on YouTube.

Renewed Focus on Mobile

In response to the growing number of YouTube views on mobile, Google will be shifting its focus away from legacy desktop technologies. That means limiting the use of cookies and pixels on YouTube this year. Cookies and pixels weren’t designed for targeting users on YouTube’s mobile, TV, and set-top box apps — which can lead to inconsistent measurement for advertisers and less personalization for users.

This year, Google will invest its efforts in more mobile-first technologies, which the company believes will benefit both advertisers and viewers going forward.