Google Appoints First-Ever ‘Creator Liaison’ for YouTube

Google has created a new position within its company; a ‘creator liaison’ for communication between YouTube and its video publishers.

A former YouTuber named Matt Koval has been appointed to the position, so you can now think of him as the Danny Sullivan (Google’s Search Liaison) of YouTube.

Just as Sullivan acts as an advocate for SEOs and site owners, Koval will act as an advocate for YouTubers. That means he will communicate with creators directly via social media and work to resolve the issues and concerns they bring forward.

Sullivan welcomed Koval to the team in a tweet earlier this week:

Koval has a similar background to Sullivan, in the sense that he was involved with the YouTube community for a number of years before joining the company in an official capacity. As many of you know, Sullivan spent much of his career in search marketing before before being hired by Google.

Koval began uploading videos as an independent creator in 2008 and joined YouTube as a lead content strategist in 2012. That makes him uniquely qualified to adequately address the needs of YouTubers.

In his first tweet as the official YouTube Liaison, Koval sheds some light on his background:

“Spent years as a @YouTube creator, and then years as a YouTube employee. There are challenges on both sides that each often don’t understand. My new job is to try and improve that understanding. Got ideas on how I can help? Lemme know!”

You can get in touch with Koval by following him on Twitter – @YouTubeLiaison. By viewing his replies, you can see he’s already hard at work answering YouTubers’ questions and appears to be responding to tweets in a timely manner.