Follow What Interests You With New Pinterest Category Pages

Today, Pinterest announced an update to its category pages. Each category page now has a whole new selection of related interests to browse through. You can also follow specific categories to get Pins from other like-minded users delivered to your home feed.

For example, if you go to Outdoors category you’ll now see related interests like Hiking, Camping and Running spread out across the top of the page.

If you click on one of the related interests, like Hiking you’ll discover Pins from other users who also have also shown an interest in hiking.

When you find a topic that’s filled with other Pinterest users pinning the kind of content you want to see, just click or tap the Follow button and those Pins will start filtering into your home feed.

This is a noteworthy update for Pinterest users because it’s now easier than ever to discover more of the content you’re interested in, while blocking out the things you’re not interested in.

For example, if you like to use Pinterest for fitness motivation you can follow Pinterest’s top health and fitness pins while blocking out everything else. This is important because some of the recipes in the Food and Drink sections are sure to make you want to cheat on your diet!

If you want to stop seeing Pins from a category you followed, just go back to the interest and click Unfollow. Interests can also be managed in a newly updated Following section of your profile. In this section you will see all the boards and Pinners you follow.

Pinterest is rolling this new feature in English to start with, and it will be available on Android, iPhone, iPad and the web.