Facebook Upgrades Canvas Ads, Now Known as “Instant Experience” Ads

Facebook has upgraded its full-screen mobile ad type with new capabilities, while also renaming it from “Canvas” to “Instant Experience.”

This ad type was introduced two years ago as an immersive advertising experience, which expands to fill the screen after being tapped on.

In addition to the new name, a new template option has been added, which makes it easy for people to share their contact information with a business.

Here is an overview of all the templates that are now available when creating Instant Experience ads:

  • Instant Storefront: helps businesses sell products in a grid format.
  • Instant Lookbook: enables businesses to display products in the context of a lifestyle image.
  • Instant Customer Acquisition: helps businesses drive customer action by displaying offerings and including a clear call to action.
  • Instant Storytelling: uses images and video to give people a better feel for your brand.
  • Instant Form: lets people easily share their contact information to learn more about your offerings.

Instant Experience ads have also been upgraded with pixel capabilities to help advertisers better understand the customer journey toward completing a purchase.

The new pixel capabilities also open up opportunities for businesses to re-engage with customers who interacted with their Instant Experiences.

The Facebook Pixel will be automatically added to Instant Experiences for any advertiser using the Facebook Pixel on their website.

Advertisers can also embed third-party pixels into an Instant Experience to track engagement and compare the performance of Instant Experiences to other campaigns using their analytics or insights tools of choice.