Facebook Makes Video Management Easier for Page Owners

Facebook rolled out updates today that make video management easier, and give Page owners more control over their video content.

When uploading a video Page admins will have new distribution and customization options —like the option to make it a secret video, or set an expiration date.

Here’s a full run down of the new options Page admins will have when managing Facebook videos:

  • Secret videos: Upload non-discoverable videos that are accessible only via a direct URL.
  • Audience restrictions: Restrict who can watch a video based on age and gender.
  • Expiration date: Set a date for a video to be automatically removed from Facebook, while retaining all the insights data.
  • Prohibit third-party embeds
  • Upload without distributing in News Feed
  • Customize thumbnails
  • Tag videos by category
  • Edit video meta data

Facebook also announced it’s introducing a new section under the Publishing Tools tab called Video Library, which is a place for Page owners to manage their entire library of video content. Within this section video can either be managed individually or in bulk.

Facebook is catching up to YouTube in terms of video management and admin options, which is key in getting more Page owners to distribute video content on the social network.

With these updates Facebook no doubt wants to be more peoples’ destination for uploading and sharing videos. Considering Facebook’s upcoming plans to monetize video views, attracting more video content is in the company’s best interest.

Facebook is no slouch though when it comes to videos. The company is already on its way to eclipse YouTube in terms of video views, and video uploads are up 75% from last year.

Now that Facebook has made video management easier, and added new distribution options, it may become an even more attractive platform for video publishers.

Image Credit: Christian Bertrand / Shutterstock.com