Facebook Introduces More Ways for Content Creators to Earn Revenue

Facebook is rolling out new tools that allow creators to monetize their content in different ways.

In addition to new ad revenue opportunities, Facebook is giving creators more opportunities to earn money directly from other users.

Here’s more about what was announced today.

New Ad Revenue Opportunities

Facebook is giving creators more choice when it comes to the placement of ads. Creators can now opt to show only pre-roll or image ads in a video, as opposed to mid-roll ads that interrupt the content.

Previously, creators did not have the ability to choose where ads are inserted into a video. Facebook would automatically choose the most ideal ad break based on the viewer and type of content.

Earning Revenue from Users

Facebook is expanding fan subscriptions with the ability for creators to offer subscriber-only groups as a perk. This will allow supporters to interact with each other, and the creator, in a private space.

Creators streaming video game content can now earn revenue from a new initiative called Facebook Stars, which are exactly like ‘bits’ on Twitch.

Users can buy virtual stars and send them to the creator during a live stream. The streamer will then earn revenue based on the number of stars they receive.

What do users get out of it? Other than the satisfaction of supporting independent creators, they also get a minor boost of clout when their name is shown prominently during the stream.

Facebook Stars are currently being tested with a small set of creators.

New Features in Creator Studio

Facebook is rolling out the following updates to Creator Studio:

  • Monetization Overview: See and manage all monetization products in one place.
  • Instagram and IGTV Integration: Insights, content management, and publishing tools for both Instagram feed posts and IGTV are being brought to Creator Studio.
  • Audience and Retention Insights: New insights to help video creators better understand demographics, viewing behaviors, audience interests, as well as how long people are watching their videos.