Facebook Introduces Cross-Device Reporting For Facebook Ads

Facebook has announced the launch of cross-device reporting for Facebook ads. For the first time, advertisers will be able to see how people are moving through the sales process between devices, across mobile and on the web.

Imagine seeing an ad for a product on your mobile phone while in line at the bank. Do you immediately make a purchase on your phone? Probably not. But perhaps you go back to your office later that day and buy on your desktop computer. Such cross-device conversions are becoming increasingly common as people move between their phones, tablets and desktop computers to interact with businesses.

With Facebook’s new cross-device reporting, advertisers are now able to see which devices ads were viewed on, and on which devices conversions subsequently occurred.

For example, now you can see how many people clicked an ad on an iPhone but then later converted on desktop, or the number of people that saw an ad on desktop but then converted on an Android tablet.

According to Facebook, cross device measurement is important because it can offer marketers vital insight into how and where their campaigns are performing.

In a recent analysis of US Facebook campaigns, it was found that of the people who show interest in a mobile Facebook ad before converting, over 32% converted on desktop within 28 days.

To view cross-device conversions for campaigns, go to your Facebook Ad Reports, click Edit Columns, and select Cross-Device on the left-hand menu.