Facebook Introduces Calls-To-Action For Video Ads, And Improved Targeting

Facebook recently announced on their Facebook For Business blog that they will be rolling out new targeting options for video ads.

When creating a campaign in Facebook’s ads create tool, Power Editor and the API, users will have the option to select ‘video views’ as a new objective to choose from. This is especially useful for for advertisers who specifically want to drive video views as the primary goal of their campaign.

Facebook will automatically optimize these ads to be shown to the people most likely to view videos on Facebook, across devices and across target audiences.

Facebook is also offering two new solutions for advertisers that encourage people who have viewed their videos before to view additional content.

Advertisers who work with a Facebook account representative can work together to create audiences of people who have already watched their videos. Ads can then be created specifically for that audience in an effort to move them from awareness to affinity and consideration.

Facebook is also giving advertisers the option of adding a call-to-action after viewing the video. With a call-to-action you can encourage people to learn more and visit a destination, like a specific page on a website.

According to Facebook product manager Fidji Simo,

“Advertisers have already been seeing great success with our video ads on Facebook, both with our regular video ads as well as Premium video ads. With these new enhancements, marketers can take people on an even deeper journey with their brand, by encouraging people to take an action right after they’ve watched a video, and sending them a targeted brand message later on.”

The new features for video on Facebook will roll out to advertisers globally in the coming weeks.