Create a Social Media Release with PitchEngine

PitchEngine is a great free service that allows to create a social media release for your business news. The site is easy to use and offers quite a few great features you will love.

Basically, with it you can create a page on your company news fully customized for distributing it around your social media networks. Some nice features include:

  • Google-news friendly (that gives you better chances for more exposure);
  • Social-media friendly (can be posted to Twitter, Friendfeed and Facebook with one click of your mouse):
  • Fully customizable;
  • Views stats and control panel inside.

Let’s have a look at what you can do on this page:

  • Add a link to your company (prior to writing a release you should create your company’s profile and specify its web destination; this information will appear in the right sidebar of the published social media release);
  • Add as many links to relevant sites as you want (after writing a release, you can add links at the bottom of it);
  • Add images (add your website logo, site home page screenshot or any other imaginary to customize the look and feel of the release);
  • Add videos (embed your company video to the left sidebar of the press release).

Let’s have a look at a few examples:

  • California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) Announces Winners of the 2008 Stem Cell Image Contest (via CIRM): notice the imaginary to the left, a large “About us” abstract and in-text links (the release editor allows HTML);
  • Rolls out New Web 2.0 Features (via includes a video of the newly introduced feature described.
  • Social Media Tools in Crisis Communications – includes a very smart Twitter pitch in the beginning.