Burrito Project : First MySpace Impact Awards Recipient

MySpace.com has announced the first winner of the MySpace Impact Awards which recognize people and organizations “making a difference in the world” through MySpace.

MySpace is offering awards to six different categories : Community-building, Environmentalism, Health and Safety, Social Justice, Poverty Relief and International Development.

Winners of the awards receive exposure via lots of MySpace friends, promotion from MySpace, and media / expanded pr coverage.

And the first winner is: The Burrito Project!

The mission of Burrito Project is to provide people with the means to become active members in their community. It is a way for people to bridge a gap between the fed and the hungry. Burrito Project is in no way shape or form affiliated with any religious or political organization; we are non-fame and a non-personal recognition group (hence the bandannas for pictures). There is no Burrito Project head quarters or leader nor a need for one.

The Project is simply providing a tool to show how fun, easy, inexpensive, and rewarding feeding hungry people can be.

The Project is a guideline for serving people in your community. The homeless and hungry are people. They are our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and parents. The Project is a respectful extension of our collective dinner table. A way to recognize people who through out the day are often ignored, and even demonized. The Project recognizes the problematic nature of our nation’s and world’s homeless situation. The project is not a solution, it is a step by step, DIY outline for a way to get involved. The Project is there for you to expand.

Each branch of Burrito Project in each city is independent of each other. We hope to inspire other burrito project chapters to grow organically.


Burrito Project

More on the Burrito Project and how to ‘Roll Your Own‘ local chapter.

Props to Mashable for covering this!