All Brands Can Now Get Twitter Demographic Data

Twitter has opened Gnip’s Audience API to provide brands more data about users who see their tweets and visit their website, the company announced.

Essentially, marketers can collect and analyze data about a defined group of Twitter users to gain new audience insights. Marketers can use the Audience API to gain these audience insights from:

  • The followers of any public Twitter account.
  • Twitter users who have seen, or engaged with (e.g., liked, retweeted, replied), your organic tweets sometime within the last 90 days.
  • First-party data – lists of email addresses, phone numbers, mobile advertising IDs, or Twitter users who have visited your website – that has been matched using Tailored Audiences.

The demographic and interests data Twitter provides will be anonymized and sampled to protect the privacy of its users. That means marketers won’t be able to see specific data on individual users.

Instead, marketers can “retrieve demographic data across 10 user models, as well as at the intersection of a combination of any two. Realizing that these models also power Twitter’s suite of advertising products, it has never been easier for brands to understand target audiences and create content that resonates with each group:”

This Demographic data includes:

  • Gender.
  • Language.
  • Interests.
  • TV interests.
  • Location (Country/Region/Metro).
  • Wireless device.
  • Wireless network.

When Twitter introduced the Gnip Audience API in beta in October, the minimum audience size you could get search results on was 10,000 users. Twitter has now reduced that to 500.

To find out more, Twitter says you should get in contact your Gnip account manager.

Twitter acquired Gnip in 2014.