5 Interesting Snapchat Trends Brands Need to Know

We learned some interesting Snapchat stats from its IPO filing – most notably that it has 158 million daily users who use the messaging app for 20-30+ minutes per day.

But how are brands reaching and engaging Snapchat users? What’s working?

Here are five interesting marketing trends from a new Snaplytics report, which analyzed 271,000 snaps comprising 24,000 stories from 500 brands in the fourth quarter of 2016.

1. 13 Stories Per Month

On average, brands posted 13 stories per month on Snapchat – or about three stories per week.

However, 55 percent of brands posted just twice a week. The most popular days for brands to post stories are Wednesday through Saturday.

2. 54.8% Story Open Rate

There’s definitely good news for brands: Snapchat users are indeed engaged.

On average, about 54.8 percent of Snapchat users who follow brands will view a story.

3. 88% Story Completion Rate

The completion rate of stories increased. On average, 88 percent of people will view the entire story.

Are brands creating better Snapchat content? Not necessarily, as Snaplytics made it clear that this could be due to the Auto Advance feature.

Some industries had higher completion rates (e.g., travel & leisure, advertising & marketing, luxury goods, food & beverage were all 90 percent or higher), while non-governmental organizations had the lowest completion rate (75 percent).

The duration of stories seemed to have an impact on completion rates. The completion rates went down for longer stories.

4. 11 Snaps Per Story

The average number of snaps per story was 11. Fifty percent of all stories brands posted had six snaps or less.

Stories from non-governmental organizations were the longest (17 snaps per story), and advertising and marketing stories were the shortest (6 snaps).

5. 61% of Snapchat Content = Video

Video rules on Snapchat. Sixty-one percent of content is video. Images make up the remaining 39 percent.

However, in some industries (luxury goods, food & beverage, and fashion & lifestyle), brands use images more often than video.

Image Credits: Snaplytics