4 Ways YouTube is Improving Creators’ Workflows

YouTube Studio will soon receive several quality of life updates designed to help creators get more done in less time.

Recording and editing videos is taxing enough without going through the process of uploading them, optimizing titles and descriptions, and making sure they’re eligible for monetization.

YouTube revealed details about four ways it’s aiming to make the backend work of publishing a video less tedious for creators.

Improvements to Upload Defaults

Upload defaults are settings that creators can apply to all their web uploads including privacy settings, category, title, description, tags, and more.

Creators use upload defaults to save themselves from having to do receptive tasks, like retype the same description every time they upload a video.

YouTube is working on making upload defaults more powerful. Right now, creators can select only one set of default settings for all videos. Soon, creators will be able to customize multiple upload templates.

Other improvements to upload defaults will allow creators to clone the same settings from a previous video, and apply default templates to mobile uploads

Upload From Drive

Another improvement to the creator workflow YouTube is working on is the ability to upload videos from Google Drive.

With this update YouTube hopes to help creators save time, bandwidth, and storage space on their device by allowing them to upload videos that exist on their cloud Drive folder.

Currently, YouTube only accepts uploads directly from a device’s internal storage, or from an external drive connected to a desktop computer.

Uploading from Drive will allow creators to save physical storage space and, more importantly, get more work done from any device they’re using.

For example, it will be possible to upload a video from YouTube Studio on mobile even if the video file isn’t on the same mobile device the creator is using.

Pre-Publish Checks on Mobile

YouTube’s recently launched pre-publish checks will soon be available for mobile uploads.

When creators upload videos on desktop they can go through a series of pre-publish checks that analyze the content for potential violations.

The tool checks for copyright infringements, and makes sure the video is both eligible for monetization and deemed suitable for advertising.

A pre-publish check allows creators to resolve any issues before the video goes live, thereby avoiding potential violations of YouTube’s monetization and copyright policies.

YouTube initially launched pre-publish checks on desktop in February. The tool will soon be available on mobile, improving the ways creators can get work done on the go and be notified quicker when there’s an issue with a video.

“Futuristic” Features

YouTube gave a vague preview of what it calls “futuristic” features that are in the works for creators.

One of those features is auto-generation for video titles and descriptions. That would allow creators to upload a video and not have to worry about doing a single thing else.

A future may exist where creators can upload a video from the cloud and YouTube takes care of writing the title & description, applying default settings, and checking for policy violations.

On top of that, YouTube is working on technology that can enhance thumbnails based on AI models.

There’s no timeline for the launch of any of these features, but they are confirmed to be in development.

Source: Creator Insider