23 Brands With Awesome Instragram Videos

Informal survey: How many of you have agonized over your 15-second Instagram video? For the most part, unless you’ve mastered hyperlapse or crop video square (where your video gets landscaped or your great aunt Millie is #croppedout), you probably aren’t thinking too hard about it. You hop on Instagram, snap a pic, and call it a day.

But when Instagram announces they are going to give you 60-seconds of video-editing freedom, you drop everything and take it. And, that’s just what brands are planning to do. I’m sure you’ve all seen the T-Mobile extended video by now?

Anyways, on March 29, 2016, Instagram shared it will transform their 15-second videos to 60-seconds videos “to bring fun, flexible, and creative, ways to create and watch video on Instagram.” This 60-second video update came right after the massive announcement that Instagram will be changing its algorithm.

Instagram stated: “You may be surprised to learn that people miss on average 70 percent of their feeds. As Instagram has grown, it’s become harder to keep up with all the photos and videos people share. This means you often don’t see the posts you might care about the most. To improve your experience, your feed will soon be ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most.”

What does this mean for brands? eMarketer stated in their Instagram Mobile Ad Revenues report, net mobile ad revenues for Instagram worldwide are expected to reach $2.81 billion by 2017. More than likely, content creators will be focusing on telling their stories to people on the go. So, even though you’re getting 60-seconds of video, brands need to utilize this timespan in whatever timeframe they need to tell their story: 15, 30, 45, you get it! Now, marketers will be able to explore other avenues of video formats (think Q&A), build anticipation, and create more narratives.

According to Instagram, the amount of time spent watching videos has increased 40% since mid last year.  Pixability says videos earn 2.4 comments for every image comment, and they see brands post 50% more videos per day in January this year than January 2015. With Instagram having over 400 million active users, the user base is going to continue to grow, only making this a bigger attraction for brands.

Soon, we’ll all be able to embrace longer videos of Target and Oh Joy Studio brand collaborations or see the launch of new photo packs from Death To Stock Photography. Since 15-second videos won’t stand a chance as in the coming months, it’s time to bulk up your arsenal with video-enhancing finds, and get inspired by brands delivering a slew of video-packed Instagram power.

So, I scoured the latest Instagram video offerings to bring you fresh ideas from brands currently killing it with Instagram videos. From plant-powered farms to great escapes, scroll down to peep my favorite finds. Let’s take a look.

Califia Farms knows their audience (as evidenced by their popular mango kiwi chia pudding recipe shown below). They rep plant-powered foods from California-grown fruits and nuts, from household products like their ready-to-drink cold coffee brew to new darlings, like Matcha Almondmilk. The brand also shows some love to bloggers close to their heart — like Oh Lady Cakes.

They first won us over with their easy green monster smoothie breakfast. Since then, Califia Farms has been introducing us to new products and store locations through video and animation. I’m loving it.

Waking up to a nutrient-packed breakfast? It’s simple with this set-and-forget recipe, up on the blog. (Link in bio.)

A video posted by Califia Farms (@califiafarms) on Mar 3, 2016 at 11:34am PST

I’ve discovered that Headspace has an Instagram habit, not unlike my own. They want people to live a happier, healthier, more enjoyable life, so Headspace fills their Insta-feed with colorful and happy pics. — check out this Instagram video as an example.

Since the app opened its doors in 2010, Andy Puddicombes’ inspiring, mindful messages have inspired Kris Carr, Dwell, and LinkedIn. From behind-the-scenes footage of virtual rollercoasters to the Super Bowl meditation, Headspace has well-produced Instagram video worth stalking.

Ever wonder how to cop FedEx’s long-term status as a trusted brand? With 11.5 million shipments each day, FedEx has created a strong corporate identity by living up to its promises and giving their customers a reliable experience. In this collaboration below with Cafe Devocion  —  they tell a story from the customer to the end-user.  As true storytellers, FedEx is aiming to reimagine classic marketing pieces — think contests, cute puppy videos, and user-generated content. These videos fall right in line with the brand’s tagline “The World On Time.” We see people, planes, and trucks which convey FedEx’s dedication to the speed of delivery. And, with the new 60-second videos, I believe we’ll start to see this global organization take on that perception even more.

GoPro is certainly winning over the extreme sports crowd. You may know skater, Andrew Brophy, or surfer, Bianca Buitendag. The young business started in 2002 in San Mateo, California, and their Instagram is most recognizable for its user-generated content. If you look at their feed, 95% is content submitted by their community.  And it has a strong music following: Musical collaborations include De Lux, Lily Meola, and Ghostface Killah from WuTang. So, when you’re hurling down a mountain or surfing a big wave, GoPro will be there taking leaps of faith with you, but also giving you good musical vibes to put you into a flow state.

General Electric knows what their audience likes when it comes to Instagram videos. From jet engines, turbines, locomotives, factories and all things innovation, GE is visually telling their story. The always-stellar-123-year-old company inspires young engineers wind turbines while giving the aviation geeks what they want with this 18 unique carbon-fiber composite fan blades video close-up.

In the next few months, I’ll be excited to see how GE capitalizes on these new opportunities from Instagram.

Starbucks is a name that comes up a lot when researching brands that dominate the hashtag realm — this video  #StarbucksForLife proves it. The Seattle-based brand has been around since 1971 and has created a brand identity centered around a holistic, word-of-mouth approach. (Its fans’ paper crafting art is pretty impressive).  If you’re like me, you’re probably ogling over a spring-inspired hot coffee clip or daydreaming about a slow pour. Either way, I’m looking forward to what Starbucks will dish out next.

The New York-based fashion brand debuted in 1993. Kate Spade New York offers a fresh, modern, graphic take on utilitarian shapes with colorful palettes. Instagram has been a natural progression for the quirky brand. Take this yoga breathing exercise video below or this video from the #missadventures series. Kate Spade New York does a fantastic job at capturing the fabulous everyday moments of life and adding a slight tweak for the colorful and bold Spade-loving fans.

As an ex-athlete, I divide my workout clothes into two categories: Clothes I actually wear and ones I don’t. Adidas always achieves MVP status, and I often find myself stalking, watching, and replaying their Instagram videos before every gym workout. Have you seen this one yet? #Heretocreate.

Take for instance this #SpeedTakes Instagram video— it’s a motivating, inspiring, 15-second video for female athletes across the world. Or, this major brand announcement that appeared first on Instagram.

For herself. For her team. For her country. She reinvents herself at all costs. @Jaque1212 is #heretocreate.

A video posted by adidas (@adidas) on Feb 18, 2016 at 9:00am PST

To compare these drool-worthy standout donuts for grown-ups to regular ol’ donuts would be a crime. Most donuts do not contain fried chicken or slow fired creme brulee. But, hey! I’m not complaining. This incredibly unhealthy circle of heaven has built an engaging following with over 20k Instagram followers and averaging over 500 likes per post. How? My guess is it has to do with the slow jams incorporate on videos. Or, the fact that their dough takes 18 hours to make and is made from scratch every day. Ready for a road trip to Portland? Let’s go!

With uniquely structured layouts and perfectly synced postings (including pics from Wood and Faulk and The Athletic), this creative agency, Julietzulu, seamlessly blends seamlessly strategic thinking with creativity. However, their behind-the-scenes travels are what makes their Instagram extra special. This culturally-crafted video from Cuba shares insights into what it’s like to train for the Cuba National Boxing Team.

I’ve come to rely upon hangry-inducing pictures packed with cheap-for-you captions from Taco Bell. These Dorito-crunch loving fans enjoy videos from Taco Bell that feature new product launches and mouth-watering cheesy close-ups.  But will Taco Bell take advantage of the new 60-second video limit? Or, will they continue to keep it short and sweet for their main squeeze, the millennials? Whatever they plan to do, Taco Bell combines major TLC to their Instagram videos — thanks to user-generated content and a little humor.

Fun fact: Converse started as rubber shoe company that specialized in galoshes. You know, those oversized waterproof shoes. Soon, Converse was perfected for hitting jump shots, and now, many of us are rocking All-Stars because they are just comfy. While Converse is impressive across all social channels, their Instagram video series #readyformore seeks to inspire curiosity, adventure, and thrills to a young audience that values a living on the edge lifestyle.

These Instagram videos correlate well with the brand’s personality and target audience. Imagine what they will do with 45 more seconds of video footage.

I can’t guarantee a Red Bull will give you wings, but at least, I can share some of the Red Bull Instagram video moments with you. Their video success formula feeds my need for extreme sports with a slew of cliff diving, snowboarding, windmill weaving, and so much more. These 15-second spots have been permanently engraved into my digital marketing library categorized in the awesome sauce section.

Cookies never looked (or tasted) so good. Pairing Oreo with Instagram is a winning combination.  But, when you combine these really yummy cream-filled cookies with doodles, flowing coffee creamer, and illustrator collaborations with artists like Timothy Goodman and Jeremyville, you’ve pretty much got Instagram video gold. And, let’s not leave out Oreo’s creative fan base. Artist (and Oreo self-proclaimed lover) Tisha Cherry is the Picasso of Oreo cookies.

Wishing you could activate that OOO message and book a ticket to a tropical escape right this second? Well, if that’s not practical for you, I have the next best things: thumbing through Airbnb’s gorgeous Instagram stream. Airbnb makes it easy to land a good deal on a treehouse vacation home or aquarium destinations, no more scouring newspaper ads or hitting up every travel agency in town.

Boasting over 900k followers, Airbnb is not new to the Instagram game. In 2015, Airbnb was one of the first brands to use Instagram carousel ads for its “Never a Stranger” campaign. The campaign used real Airbnb hosts in five cities and focused on feel-good moments of adventure and community. It was a success.

Raise your hand if you played with LEGO’s as a kid. That’s what I thought: EVERYONE PLAYED WITH LEGOS. And I’m no exception. A few days ago, I was invited to see the new Batman v  Superman: Dawn of Justice movie (read: not excited) and attached was this hilarious LEGO Batman Instagram video that had me ROFL. While LEGO’s Batman trailer was better than the actual movie in my opinion, LEGO’s Instagram videos have been nailing it! Just take a look at any of the LEGO Star Wars videos created. On point, indeed.

Thanks to the space-invading wizards of NASA and the persuasive powers of Facebook-owned Instagram, NASA Instagram followers were able to get the first pictures of Pluto before it hit anywhere else. NASA released a video series highlighting Pluto for all of us space lovers to enjoy.  Through the astronauts video footage and high-tech tools, NASA allows us to discover and explore space as if we’re in the shuttle with them.

There’s a certain way you chant Daytona 500 when you’re from Georgia. You’ve got to have a little southern twang in your Day-tona. So, when I see Ford’s Instagram video with #Daytona500, you can guess how my southern drawl comes out. From announcing the Ford supercar to testing pothole mitigation tech for the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport,  there’s something to be said for the way Ford reigns supreme on Instagram. They’re engaging, informational, and compelling. And, let’s not forget about Ford’s epic “liking and driving” campaign to raise awareness about distracted driving.

Yes, the shower-shoe trending shoe, Teva’s, has nabbed top honors for its Instagram videos. Scrolling through their Instagram feed, you’ll get inspired by Bonnaroo footwear moments, hanging ten on the Gold Coast, and opportunities to win an eco-adventure. (Cue daydreams of zip-lining in Costa Rica, hiking with wolves in California, and exploring a waterfall in Kauai.)

Teva has harnessed the power of cross-promoting with other brands, like Refinery29, to host Instagram contests to build their following. And, it’s working.

If there’s one cold, hard fact you should know about me it’s that I take my ice cream very seriously. On any given day, you’ll find me scanning the grocery aisles for the newest sweet-treat havens. My personal favorite:  Ben & Jerry’s. Not only did they teach me how to make my first bacon breakfast sandwich but they are helping to save the planet.

With Free Cone Day (on April 12) and so many new flavors to try (Cookies & Cream, Cheesecake Core, Coconuts and Carmel, and nondairy!), Ben & Jerry’s is taking over our Instagram feeds with cups, cones, and pints.

Some things never go out of style, like denim. Fans of the classic brand, Gap, will fall for their Instagram videos, that caters to — you guessed it — all things denim. This sophisticated take on the iconic brand is much different from the previous 12-film micro series Gap launched in 2015 that told a love story between a comedian and “Marcel the Shell”.

To make Gap cool again and win over the millennial generation, Gap is gaining inspiration from what the brand once was: A brand that represented individuality, spirit, and simplicity. The new Instagram video series collaborates with musicians, artists, and creators to target the millennial generation while still giving us that Americana mood.

What happens when you combine a great cause with remarkable advertising? A butt-kicking marketing campaign and a charity that has funded more than 16,000 water projects, bringing clean water to 5.2 million people so far. As one of the first brands to tackle Instagram marketing and longer Instagram videos, charity: water caps out right at 293k followers. Their videos share the stories of individuals they have impacted and how clean water has changed their lives. Through these real-life personal stories, charity: water inspires others to support their mission.


Instagram released the 60-second video option to all accounts (not just brands) on March 29, 2016. I believe this isn’t the end of the video updates we’ll see from Instagram for 2016.

What do you predict brands will do with the 60-second video option on Instagram? Share in the comments below. 


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